Lobby Screens
These screens in the lobby remind employees of weekly tasks and upcoming events.
The screens also inform visitors to the office of programs and colleges.
This billboard was made to advertise the Career in a Year option that is offered at the Pulaskai campus.
Double-sided Banners made for multiple uses. The goal was for the banners to be displayed together or stand alone.

Print Collateral
This flyer was made for colleges to inform students with housing issues the help that the campus can provide.
The goal was to create a fun and inviting poster to display the mission statement of TBR that was designed like a letter press flyer.
 Flyer for the annual Wing Fest
This tent card was made to be placed on tabled of an event to promote higher education.

Sticker made for the Annual Dragon Con
Sticker made for the Annual NCMPR Conference
TCAT Coloring Book
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