I'm Cassie Kulig, I'm an artist and graphic designer. 
I'm originally from Bardstown, KY and I went to college at WKU in Bowling Green, KY. I double majored and got a BFA in Painting and a BA in Graphic Design. In 2018 I moved to Nashville, TN and have lived here since. I enjoy having fun and staying active. My hobbies include: baking, gardening, hiking and drawing.  I'm an honest and straight forward person, but I know how to have a good time and love to make jokes. I'm always open to new experiences and learning new things.
Fun Facts
I love to volunteer at the Community Bell Garden
I have 2 cats named Cheese and Cake
I was a Girl Scout for 12 years
I also bought a Cookie Monster suit to boost cookie sales
I used to work at a Renaissance Fair as a summer job
I did a study aboard in Germany for a month in college

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